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Image of (#1801) Indigo Hand Dyed Topper with Echoing Peaks Detail - zero waste

(#1801) Indigo Hand Dyed Topper with Echoing Peaks Detail - zero waste


A flowing topper designed to fit most everyone.

This piece is perfect with jeans, or a dress. At the beach, at home, or out for dinner.

Crafted from custom dyed cotton, dyed by hand in natural indigo, this is a truly one-of-a-kind piece. This topper features details such as our Echoing Peaks motif in indigo and logwood, on the bottom edge of the topper, and on the back.

Generously sized, this topper is made to flow. The back measures 48" across and 37" long, allowing for a 96" circumference. The topper has the ease of a kimono, combined with the stretch of knitwear. This is a very unique piece.

This item is constructed as a "zero waste" piece, where we incorporate the small lengths of yarn we have in stock, into knitwear. This makes for a unique piece where the style is determined by the available fiber. One identifying quality of a "zero waste" piece is the occasional yarn join; this is how we are able to create pieces utilizing every last length of fibre.

"Zero waste" pieces are always one-of-a-kind.. If you like rare pieces, this is the piece for you.


Materials: cotton


Item color: blues, white, light purple


Size: One Size
Back Dimensions: 48" wide x 37" long (96" circumference)
Weight: 16.1 oz


At W1 Hundred, we personally craft each piece, including knitting, weaving and dyeing, in our studios in Alberta and British Columbia (Canada).


Care: hand wash cold water, lay flat to dry out of direct sun, towel rolling when wet is also effective for drying. A cool steam iron can also be utilized for reshaping.


Colors: please note, colors displayed can vary from monitor to monitor, and device to device


Shipping is by Canada Post and includes tracking

We currently ship to BC, AB, SK, MB and ON.

Please contact us regarding customer pick ups, other shipping options, shipping to other jurisdictions, or if you wish to add insurance to the shipping option for a purchase.

Image of (#1801) Indigo Hand Dyed Topper with Echoing Peaks Detail - zero waste