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Image of "Three Sisters" Toque (lined) - primary colours

"Three Sisters" Toque (lined) - primary colours


- featuring the "Three Sisters" design inspired by the famous trio of mountains in the Rockies.

- a streamlined dark grey minimal beanie, with the mountain motif knit with natural white wool and wool hand dyed in the natural dyes lac (red) and indigo. This series also currently features a stripe of yellow dyed in goldenrod, collected from natural areas in Alberta.

- availability of this specific style is limited to our stock of goldenrod dyed yarn. Goldenrod dyes best when fresh, so our yearly dyeing takes place over the span of a few weeks in July and August. Once we have used up our stock, we must wait for nature to bring us a new harvest of flowers.

-natural dyeing creates color variations within a piece, each piece is unique

- this is a PRE-ORDER "made upon ordering" piece, in order for us to offer a low waste, ethical product. Once this hat is ordered, it is then made specifically for the customer.

- one size (fits an adult head measuring 21"-23")

- this is a lined hat, in which the lining is a breathable knit cotton. The lining makes this hat a great option for active winter sports such as snowshoeing, running or cross country skiing (we may have personally tested this!), or for every day wear.

- 100% Canadian produced and milled natural wool exterior, 100% cotton knit lining

- hand crafted using vintage needle bed knitting

- made by hand in Canada

- always designer made, never outsourced, committed to a "low waste" philosophy

-hand wash cold water, lay flat to dry out of direct sun

- price includes basic shipping by Canada Post within Canada. Shipping upgrades to include tracking number and insurance are available by purchasing the "Shipping Upgrade" item in our Shop.

W1 Hundred focuses on creating un-industrialized clothing that celebrates Canadian craftsmanship. We are committed to using environmentally ethical fibres and hand dyeing with only natural dyes.

** For wholesale inquiries please email w1hundred@outlook.com .

Image of "Three Sisters" Toque (lined) - primary colours Image of "Three Sisters" Toque (lined) - primary colours Image of "Three Sisters" Toque (lined) - primary colours Image of "Three Sisters" Toque (lined) - primary colours